Coffee Detectives

Landing page for an exclusive digital marketplace for local independent cafes.

Project Type:
Restaurants & Hospitality

The Story

When I was a child, I built a treehouse with my friends. It was our safe space where we could discuss ideas, exchange stories, and don't be judged by the outside world. I feel like local independent cafes are like those treehouses. You can go there and order a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and sit down with your friends, your date, or on your own, with your book, or your laptop. As you are there, you're treated not just as an another sale, a number in the cash register, but as a valuable customer, a human being.

Pain Points

However, how do you find those hidden gems? Google Maps? Review sites? Instagram? Those platforms not necessarily focus on local independent businesses like cafes. Therefore, we want to create a digital marketplace, an online platform where independent cafes can get listed. This, in return, will help customers find something different, unique, a safe space, and help the cafe owners, to reach out to more customers, stand out, and compete with the monopoly chains occupying prime locations in urban areas.

Exclusive Community

With our digital platform we want to create an exclusive community for local independent cafes that value their customers, and people who seek unique experiences and sense of belonging.

Challenge the Status Quo

With our digital marketplace, we want to challenge the status quo of monopoly chains, put local independent cafes on the map, and create more sustainable coffee culture. Because we believe that coffee (tea, hot chocolate) break doesn't have to be mainstream.

Welcome to Coffee Detectives.

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